KILIMANI has seen significant growth in the average residential unit price over the last 5 years. This is due to multiple factors including the expansion and creation of new roads making it one of the most easily accessible areas in Nairobi. This has allowed for more investments such as high-end restaurants, grade-A offices, and contemporary residential buildings coming to the area being deemed as the “new center” of Nairobi.

Residential Sales Price
The average sales price for ready high-end apartments in Kilimani is between Ksh. 130,000 - Ksh. 140,000 per sqm, depending on the unit type and its features. With the demand for ready apartments coming mostly from mortgage buyers, most cash buyers opt to invest in off-plan projects at discounted rates anticipating a greater value appreciation while still enjoying the flexibility of the payment plans.

8% value appreciation
Kilimani has seen an average growth of 8% per annum for residential properties over the last 5 years, with some going as high as 20%

Rental Market
Over the last 5 years, Kilimani has seen the highest growth in demand for rental properties in Nairobi’s upmarket area with some new developments being fully rented out in record-breaking times.

9-13% rental yield (Unfurnished)
Rental yield for unfurnished apartments in Kilimani averages 9-13% per annum depending on the unit type, property features, and surrounding amenities.

The average rent for a high-end 1-bedroom in Kilimani (Unfurnished)

The average rent for a high-end 2-bedroom in Kilimani (Unfurnished)

The average rent for a high-end 3-bedroom in Kilimani (Unfurnished)

Furnished rentals
Kilimani has also seen a significant growth for furnished apartments with most travelers enjoying the convenience area. This has led to some furnished investors earning up to 20% rental yields.