Chinese Investors Launch Property Developers Association, Declare Kenya “Our Second Home”

Chinese Investors Launch Property Developers Association, Declare Kenya “Our Second Home”

Chinese investors have officially inaugurated the Chinese Property Developers Association(Kenya) in Nairobi, marking a significant development in the real estate sector. This newly formed association is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing property development in Kenya, focusing on meticulous planning, organization, and cost-effectiveness.

President Zhang Jiaping, at the helm of the association, highlighted its commitment to promoting the healthy development of the real estate industry. The mission is to provide sustainable and superior housing products, with a strong emphasis on adhering to government approvals and constructing based on authorized drawings. The CPDA-K aims to ensure top-notch construction safety, a conducive working environment for employees, and the delivery of high-quality housing to the Kenyan population.

Zhang Jiaping emphasized the association's dedication to safeguarding the rights and interests of property owners. This includes collaboration with government industry management, standardizing the real estate market, and aspiring to be a leader in industry development while promoting standards and protecting the rights of citizens and partners.

Gao Wei, Chairman of the Kenya Overseas Chinese Association, affirmed that the Chinese developers associated with CPDA-K are committed to constructing affordable housing units. Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja welcomed the launch, expressing confidence in the association's ability to handle development control, environmental concerns, and opportunities, ensuring order and benefit for the growing city, its residents, and investors.

Sakaja stressed the importance of adhering to standards to prevent illegal development, praising the Chinese developers for their commitment to upholding safety and aesthetic standards. In addition to its role in the real estate sector, the association expressed its commitment to engaging in social welfare undertakings, already contributing over Ksh. 11 million for the purchase of various items to support Kenyans in need. President Zhang Jiaping affirmed Kenya as their "second home" and expressed a commitment to actively participating in public welfare initiatives to give back to the local society.